Separated Soul-Mates

How the ATO is providing financial and emotional support after a tragic love lost.

Dallas Police Lieutenant Regina Smith called her husband, Senior Corporal Norman Smith, her "soul-mate". The two had met as a result of their common service on the force, and for 18 years, they remained happily married until one Tuesday in January 2009. As Norman was serving an arrest warrant for the department's Gang Unit, he was shot and killed, separating the couple suddenly and forever.

"As a police officer, you always know it's possible. You just never expect it's going to happen," said Lieutenant Smith. "Norman was one day away from celebrating his 18th anniversary with the department. Instead, the next morning, the ATO was at my front door with a check to cover the funeral expenses with more love and support than I could ever have imagined."

Lieutenant Smith is still processing the grief over her husband's loss, filling her off hours with classes at the University of North Texas at Dallas. The State provides surviving spouses of fallen officers with 200 hours of education at any State of Texas university. She expects to complete her Masters Degree in Sociology at the end of her studies.

"There's nothing that can overshadow the fact that my life has been shattered by my husband's death," Lieutenant Smith said. "The members of the ATO have been there for me all along, financially, emotionally, in every way. They are like family to me."

Corporal Smith is survived by one son, Karlis Smith, a corrections officer in South Carolina who is also the father of Norman's granddaughter, Mariah.

Lieutenant Smith has one adult daughter working in Los Angeles as an actress, most recently starring in the film short, "Kid Revolver".


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Donations can be made in Norm Smith's name through the Assist the Officer Foundation by clicking here, or by calling 214-747-6839.