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Events sponsored by the Assist The Officer Foundation are an inspiring, uplifting and fun way to support your local police officers. From black-tie galas to 5k races and golf-outings, we have an event that will suit your interests and let you join in on the spirit of camaraderie and compassion as we support those who protect and serve us. Mark your calendar so you can come out and participate.

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See Tony Dorsett's 33Thanks Commercial
Dallas Cowboys Legend Tony Dorsett Endorses Pro-Police Campaign
Dallas Cowboys legend Tony Dorsett is starring in a new Dallas Police Association campaign that aims to thank police officers. The Hall-of-Fame running back is featured in a public service announcement alongside much less famous local business people (and a kid). The 30-second spot (posted below) and the website directs people to the Assist the Officer Foundation, which aids cops and former cops in need, and the families of officers killed in the line of duty. “I’m a real stickler about little things make big things happen,” Dorsett said Tuesday. “And just for a little thing like that to say, ‘hey, thank you’ — that goes a long way.”more
Dallas Police Officer Prays For New Heart For Adopted Son
Two-year-old Sawyer Jones hospital room has become his home. He's been at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas since Aug. 21 and can't leave unless he gets a new heart. The family's journey began when Shellie and her husband, Dallas Police Officer Patrick Jones, decided to adopt children.... more
Widow of Dallas Police Officer Brian Jackson to mark eighth anniversary of his death
For Jo-Ann Jackson, the loss is still palpable. On Nov. 13, 2005, her husband, Officer Brian Jackson, paid the ultimate price when he was fatally shot in a gun battle in Old East Dallas. He was 28.... more
Police show up at kindergarten graduation after girl’s dad killed in line of duty
Five-year-old Tatum Raetz was cheered on by hundreds of police officers on Wednesday at her kindergarten graduation. What was going to be a happy occasion took a heartbreaking, tragic turn when her father, Phoenix Police Officer Daryl Raetz, was struck and killed by a car on Sunday during a DUI arrest..... more
Police relief agency benefits from Carry the Load
It's been seven months, and the scar on Dallas Police Senior Cpl. Matt Wagner's arm is barely visible. But there's still a bullet lodged near his shoulder.... more
Injured Officer Visits Police Golf Tournament
The Dallas Police Association's fundraiser golf tournament turns into a bit of a coming out party for Sr. Cpl. Matt Wagner, who was recently shot in the line of duty... more
Police Officer Shot At Northeast Dallas Apartments
Senior Corporal Matt Wagner was shot and wounded last week. He is out of the hospital but he’s still in a lot of pain. His experience reveals the danger officers are exposed to while working off duty jobs just to make extra money for their families... more
Dallas Police Officer Killed While Cleaning Weapon
A Dallas police officer who lived in south Fort Worth was killed Monday afternoon while cleaning his weapon, officials said. Officer Christopher Pasley died "as a result of an apparent accidental discharge while cleaning his weapon at home today," said Dallas Police Chief David Brown in a news release... more
Dallas Police Officer's Tragic Death Recalled
As Lori James' police officer husband headed out to work that night, she told him, "Be careful. See you in the morning." Hours later, she heard a knock at the door. Her husband, Dallas police Officer Christopher Kevin James, was dead... more
DPD Cop, War Veteran Suffering from Brain Injury
A Dallas Police Officer and War Veteran is out of sick time but can't go back to patrolling the streets. He has seizures several times a week from a brain injury he apparently suffered in 2005 while serving in Iraq. According to family members, Officer Andrew Litz was riding in a humvee in 2005 when the vehicle hit a land mine... more
Man who killed Dallas police Senior Cpl. Norm Smith gets life sentence
A jury on Monday sentenced Charles Payne to life in prison for the murder of Dallas police Senior Cpl. Norm Smith in January 2009. After State District Judge Rick Magnis read the jury’s verdict, Smith’s mother, Carolyn Long, smiled slightly and reached over and briefly clasped the hand of Dallas police Sr. Cpl. Teena Schultz…more
Trial starts Wednesday in killing of Dallas police Sr. Cpl. Norm Smith during 2009 drug raid
Dallas police will be on hand at all times during the death-penalty trial of a 29-year-old man accused of killing one of their own. Sr. Cpl. Norm Smith was gunned down in January 2009 while serving a felony warrant at a drug den in east Oak Cliff…more
Dallas Police Officer Suffering from Lou Gehrig's Disease Wears a Badge of Courage
Dallas cop Paul Brummett has an expressive gift for getting his point across with a few well-chosen words or an economical glance. He says a lot with a level gaze of I-mean-it sincerity, or through the comic eye roll of mock despair…more
Rookie Officer Fighting for His Life in Denver Hospital
Alex Garcia finally achieved his dream of becoming a Dallas police officer last year, but he's now facing the fight of his life after suffering a blood clot during a Police Explorers competition in Colorado… more

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It has been several months since I got injured in the line of duty. During that time I have thought on how I can express my appreciation for the Assist the Officer Foundation. To this day there are no words to describe or express how much it meant. It just happened to come at the right time. Even though I wouldn't wish that any Officer get hurt, all I can say is "Thank You", for being there to help!

– Officer A. Villarreal