Taking a Hit

How the ATO is holding the line in one officer's battle against kidney disease.

Officer Ben Davis once covered the great NFL Hall of Fame receiver, Jerry Rice, on a Mississippi Valley State University athletic field. Officer Davis was a linebacker when Rice was still running routes for their same college team. By 1985, the year Rice joined the San Francisco 49ers, Ben Davis joined the Dallas Police Department. Within three years, he had transferred to the department's SWAT division, where he served for 10 years before returning to his beat.

"Not long after, I was diagnosed with renal kidney failure," Officer Davis said. "I was out for six months, and the layoff used up all my vacation and sick time. Thankfully, before I started missing paychecks, the ATO stepped in."

Officer Davis and his wife of 14 years, Martha, used the ATO assistance to help pay their bills and offset debt. He returned to active duty with the help of a kidney transplant. The recovery only lasted two years. Conditions worsened and Officer Davis went back on dialysis, requiring assistance for another three months. Again, he returned to active duty, but again, complications from the illness sent him home.

"I've been out of work since July of 2010," Davis said, "trying to walk again on my own and make it back to patrol, so I can complete 30 years on the force."

The ATO has been faithful in its commitments to the Davis family, providing unconditional financial and caring support during these life-challenging times.

"I would like to thank program director Fredrick Frazier and the ATO board for their loving support, as well as Nancy Travis, who is constantly checking on the well-being of the officers," Officer Davis said. "I also want to thank God for touching the hearts of those who created and support the ATO."


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Officer Davis has one daughter, Tyesia, 31, and two grand-daughters, Micheala, 10, and McKenzie, 3. He remains an avid football fan.

Donations can be made in Ben Davis' name through the Assist the Officer Foundation by clicking here, or by calling 214-747-6839.